Today was the first WordPress Zürich meetup of 2019 at Liip Arena. We didn’t really have a talk tonight, so it was about things to come this year in terms of WordPress events and potential topics for the future meetups.

Thank you all for coming and don’t forget to check our community page with infos about the WordPress Switzerland Slack channel (chat) and more.

We will try to host a meetup at least every other month this year, so the next one will be in March or earlier. Let us know if you would like to present something or help organizing a meetup.

The slides

Slides from the January 2019 meetup with some links

Additional links mentioned:

A big thank you to Liip for the venue and Haptiq for the drinks & snacks ❤️

Published by Silvan Hagen

Silvan is an open source enthusiast, WordPress developer and food gardener living in Zurich, Switzerland. He has been a co-organizer for the local meetup and WordCamps in Zurich for a few years.

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  1. Does the Meetup ever had a an overview of the JSON API and why this is especially useful. There are so many use cases of the API. Another big topic could be “WordPress as Framework” .
    So here is my suggestion for a Speech:
    “New webproject of any size and why use WordPress as the solid ground”

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